Drill Schedule/Other Opportunities


Cadets of the Battleship Utah (BB-31) Div./TS CAPT. Mervyn S. Bennion will meet monthly for drill, which consists of physical exercise, classroom time, and military training, as well as occasional off-site activities and various community service opportunities. See detailed upcoming drill information by reviewing the Plan of the Month (POM).

Cadets are expected to attend drill weekends from 0800 to 1500, Saturday and Sunday, on a once-a-month basis. Muster will be 0745 in PT Gear unless otherwise told.

The POM will be posted prior to drill and will include all scheduling, uniform/gear requirements, and specific details and expectations for that drill.  The cadet is responsible to understand and adhere to the POM for each drill.

Other Opportunities

In addition to regular monthly drills, other events may come up that are not scheduled, including color guards, parades, fundraising, additional training opportunities, and community service projects.  These are voluntary but are often very helpful for earning various ribbons and rank advancement.



Uniforms are issued as soon as possible after paid membership.  Wearing the uniform is a privilege granted to USNSCC by the US Navy. Under no circumstances will an incomplete or improper uniform be allowed to be worn at drill.  During drills, cadets with improper uniforms will either be sent home or reverted to PT gear. No uniforms will be worn at the Navy Resource Center or in public unless it is complete