Welcome to the USNSCC Battleship Utah Division

We want to make sure that you have all the information you need
as you come aboard and join the Battleship Utah Division.

Anytime you need information about the Sea Cadet program, you can
GOOGLE: “Sea Cadet Homeport”

That will take you here! After becoming a new cadet with the Battleship Division, you will be set up with a login for Homeport & Polaris. The Homeport is where you can find everything you need regarding Sea Cadet coursework, trainings, forms, etc. Polaris is where you will do all of your coursework and exams while in the Sea Cadet program.

New Recruits
Once you have turned in your New Recruit application you will also need:

  • Medical exam
  • School report card from the most recent semester

At the first available time, you will be sent to the supply officer who will issue you uniforms, sea bag, etc. In addition to what you are issued, you will need to purchase:

  • Tactical/Combat boots
  • Black Dress Shoes (unless told otherwise)
  • PT Shorts, T-shirt – order online here:

We get a lot of questions about everything that has to be sewn on the uniforms. Cadets will be issued a handbook with all of this information and more.

There are 4 requirements to advance in rank:

  1. Time in the program and time in each rank.
  2. Completed Course Work on Polaris.
  3. Pass the PRT
  4. Attend training (Recruit training, Navy League Orientation, or advanced trainings).

Monthly Drill
We have drill once a month throughout the year. You can find the POM (Plan of the Month) on the website.

When you click on a drill date, it will pull up the details for that drill including the POM (Plan of the Month), which is typically ready 2 weeks before the drill date.

Attendance at drill is a mandatory part of being in the Sea Cadets, and any absences need to be notified in advance through the chain of command. Every Recruit/Cadet should know who their squad leader is and who their Leading Petty Officer (LPO) is. Additionally, most officers are listed on the top of the POM.

Course Work
In order to advance in rank and responsibility, cadets must complete specific coursework required by the USNSCC. The Polaris learning management system allows cadets to complete their coursework online, independently, and between drills. Cadets will be automatically assigned a required Polaris Advancement Course or PAC, based on their standing in the program (known as their “rank”). Cadets must attain a grade of 80% or higher to pass the course.

PRT (Physical Readiness Test)
The USNSCC PRT consists of:

  • Planks
  • Pushups
  • Mile Run

Every recruit/cadet must pass the PRT twice a year. Recruits attending RT are required to pass the PRT at the beginning and end of their training. All the details of the PRT can be found on the Homeport as described earlier. All grading is based on age.

Cadets can receive ribbons for achieving National and Presidential standards on their PRT. Those standards are included in the PRT Manual.

Some Advanced Trainings have more requirements that are tougher, and will be listed on the training description.

RT and Advanced Trainings
One of the best parts of the Sea Cadet program is going to trainings. Every Sea Cadet recruit must first attend Recruit Training (RT), a 9-14 day training that re-enforces everything they’ve learned in their course work and drills. Information about trainings can be found on the Homeport

Advanced trainings may have AGE, RANK, and additional PRT requirements. Cadets are expected to know what is required and be able to meet those requirements within the time allotted. Some advanced trainings are not first come first served, but an application type process due to the nature of the training or just the high demand and limited spots.

We want to make sure that every cadet has the opportunity and ability to go to 1 or 2 trainings a year. We also know that finances might be a struggle for some. If the cost of training or transportation is ever an issue, we ask that you reach out to us, because there are a few options on how we can help.

Yearly Inspection
Every Sea Cadet unit goes through a yearly inspection. The inspection covers:

  • Cadets in their dress uniform
  • Attendance at drill – cadets and officers
  • Coursework completed throughout the year
  • Trainings attended throughout the year
  • PRT scores for the unit
  • Number of Cadets and Adult officers
  • Drill audit for required class work (Drug and Alcohol, Fraternization, Hazing)
  • Paperwork audit
  • Financial audit

In a sense, it’s the culmination and documentation of everything we’ve accomplished throughout the year. Quite frankly, we feel that if we are going to be a part of this unit, we want to do everything the BEST. We lose points on the inspection when cadets quit, for poor attendance, for lack of trainings, failing and poor PRT scores, and so forth. So we want to do everything we can to have your cadet’s experience in the Sea Cadets be life-changing for them, and we want to do it in a way that helps the unit SHINE!

Every Cadet will get out of the program whatever they put into it.
We just ask that if you are in, that you are ALL IN!